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Paul Harris Recognition

Paul Harris Recognitions

What is a Paul Harris Fellowship?

The Paul Harris Fellowship is a humanitarian honour of recognition awarded by a Rotary Club via The Rotary Foundation.

This recognition is available to both Rotarians and non-Rotarians and honours an individual’s contribution towards their local community, their country and indeed the world as they strive through their unselfish efforts to improve the circumstances of their fellow man.

Rotary Clubs donate the equivalent of US$1000 to The Rotary Foundation which then further assists Rotary with its own humanitarian efforts with the goal of better understanding and friendly relations amongst peoples of the world.

Recipients are presented with a certificate of recognition together with a Paul Harris Fellow lapel pin.

Some people receive multiple Paul Harris Fellow Recognitions as they continue with their contribution to society over many years.

1981James A MoffattPHF
1981John J WoodPHF
1983Thomas RobinsonPHF
1983Mary YoungPHF
1987Olga RobshawPHF
1987Ian C ScharkiePHF
1987Richard W White OAMPHF +4
1988David R Bamford OAMPHF +8
1989Robert J BensleyPHF
1989Kevin J BoxallPHF
1989Leonard B KubberePHF
1989Margaret E KubberePHF
1989Alexander F PedersenPHF
1989Les Cecil TrevithickPHF
1989Warren J SmithPHF +2
1991Ronald B BoxallPHF
1991Russell K DickensPHF
1991Robert H Gardiner OAMPHF +10 Ruby
1991Edward “Ted” PowellPHF +1
1993Gunther GeyerPHF
1993Peter C PricePHF +1
1993Gary E Raymond OAMPHF +1
1993Robert S SmithPHF
1993John H WatsonPHF
1994Peter C GarskePHF
1995Carole Anna SmithPHF
1996Bruce N CarnePHF
1996Joe HarrisPHF
1996Bob MorganPHF
1996Hari S MisraPHF
1997Frank MeduriPHF
1997Fred G WilliamsPHF +1
2000Melvin DP Gray OAMPHF +3
2001Graham John Symes OAMPHF
2003George A CowardPHF
2004Robyn Ann White OAMPHF
2005Peter M de VriesPHF
2005Keith McKellar QueenPHF
2005Les W WalesPHF
2005Leonard W WinterPHF
2006Rhonda BensleyPHF
2006Paul D ReidPHF +10 Ruby
2006Roselyn SmithPHF
2006Noela WilliamsPHF
2007Lynette Gai BamfordPHF
2007Julia Anne ReidPHF +4
2007Marten J WyndPHF
2007Sally A WyndPHF
2008Pip LovelyPHF+1
2009Kenneth J FairfaxPHF
2009Ellen LongPHF
2009Rob SmithPHF
2010David G BrownPHF +1
2010Pam J CarnePHF
2010Peter Filmer OAMPHF
2010Anthony W OrrPHF +2
2011Emmanuel R JonesPHF
2011Greg J McIntyrePHF
2011Ramona Thompson-JonesPHF
2012Mark Andrew WrightPHF
2013Con ConstantinouPHF
2013Doulla ConstantinouPHF
2013Spiro ConstantinouPHF +1
2013David MurphyPHF
2014Clarence H ClarkPHF
2014Ivan Stanley KellyPHF
2014Zena R SheddenPHF
2014Joanne “Jojo” TauPHF
2014John B WilsonPHF
2015Jack Di LorenzoPHF
2015Sally Di LorenzoPHF
2015Tess SayasPHF
2016Robert John FitzgeraldPHF
2016Garry Bernard LynchPHF
2016Grace Ada LynchPHF
2016Catherine Maree WhitePHF
2017Terry P BeresfordPHF
2017Leigh Susanne SmithPHF
2017Nicola Louise WinramPHF
2018Deng Thiak AdutPHF
2018Paula JessePHF
2018Manie S StalkerPHF
2021Dr Corazon Alvarez-FranciscoPHF
2022Keith WallerPHF
2023Robert VincentPHF
2023Russell AshleyPHF


Other Awards and Citations

2008Dick White OAMAustralian Rotary Health Medal 2008
2017Melvin GrayAustralian Rotary Health Medal 2017
2018Paul ReidThe Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service 2018
2021David Bamford OAMRotary District 9675 Avenues of Service Award 2021
2022Robert Gardiner OAMAustralian Rotary Health Ruby Companion
2022Robert Gardiner OAMRotary Foundation Major Donor Recognition
2022Manie StalkerService Above Self Award for 2021-2022
2023Manie StalkerService Above Self Award for 2022-2023




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