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Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Scholarships

The Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Scholarship Program is a jointly funded initiative between Rotary Clubs, State Governments, and the Australian Government. The program aims to establish a scholarship fund that assists Indigenous Australian students studying nursing, medicine, and allied health.

Scholarships are for students who are studying full time and have completed at least one year at university successfully. The purpose of the program is to increase the number of Indigenous Australian health care staff and, by doing so, improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in rural and remote areas of Australia where access to primary preventative medical treatment is often difficult.

Australian Rotarians have a proud record of giving generous support to requests for assistance from overseas countries of need, especially from developing countries seeking humanitarian aid. However, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, on all health indicators, have the most inadequate health in Australia. 140,000 Indigenous Australians live in remote communities and lack primary health care. We can do our bit to change this situation by supporting selected Indigenous Australian students in their medical and allied health studies.

This Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Program has supported students since its beginning in 2003, with over 20% of all Indigenous Doctors working in Australia. Not only are these graduates making an impact on their community, but they are also constant advocates and role models for further education.

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