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Guest Speaker Ben Jesse on IT Security

Ben Jesse was proudly introduced to members and guests by mum and fellow Rotarian Paula Jesse.

Ben Jesse then set about educating our dinner guests of the important of IT Security.

Is it more than just a code?

Ben has been working with the Commonwealth Bank, databases, SME and in data protection.

Example of a link that doesn’t link to what the text says just opening the email can be enough to exploit, for Wikipedia the script runs on top of a program underneath. Websites are not always what they seem to be they can be embedded with another website just visiting the website can present problems.

Quick tips for identifying scammers scam details there’s the national security department, time frames scam language unfamiliar greetings urgent demands and action is the minor requests for sensitive data too good to be true and most probably is. How do we protect so there’s a triangle CIA triangle competent integrity and availability.

Cryptology maths functions keypad padlock private key invalidation Everett example about locking and how he looked information up I talked about how hard it is to break online encryption sample but check with the physical signature.

Ben then talked about modern encryption and the number of calculations & also talked about certificates of authenticity and public private and trusted third parties & talked Cyber warfare.

Some of our wonderful members and dinner guests:

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