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The Rotary Club of Blacktown City partnered with Emmanuel and Ramona Jones to make dreams real for orphaned ex-child solders when the 23 years of civil war ended in in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa.

Emmanuel and Ramona established an orphanage for the orphaned, homeless children in Paynesville, a suburb of Monrovia. RCBC funded a clean water well and a sanitation unit for the orphanage; changing the way that water and sanitation was provided.

One year later with the support of the Rotary District and five other Rotary clubs RCBC raised enough funds to purchase four acres of land in Marshall, just 30-minute drive from the first orphanage in Paynesville.

Another orphanage was built on the land for an additional 67 homeless children. 

And another clean water well and sanitation unit were added to the construction on site.

Here the children of both orphanages learn to grow their own food which supplies fresh vegetables for the children, and from the sale of the vegetables in the local market funds to purchase necessary medication and sanitary items for the children.

Clean water was made available for all the villagers from both Paynesville and Marshall villages which made a great difference to the lives of women and girls from both villages.

The following year with the support of a district grant, RCBC raised the funds to enable a secure perimeter fence to be built around the four acres at Marshall to protect from theft the garden produce, chickens and eggs, goat which provide both milk and meat.

RCBC recognised Emmanuel Jones and Ramona Jones with a Paul Harris Fellowship for their work in establishing the two Orphanages which they named “The Masters Home of Champions”. In the 2014 Ebola virus crisis Emmanuel and Romana established 3 additional cottage orphanages to cater for 40 Ebola orphaned children.

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