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Teacher In A Box

Empowering people and changing lives.

The Rotary Club of Blacktown City is proud to support the Rotary Club of Paddington, Brisbane, Teacher in a Box programme.

What is Teacher in a Box?
In a nutshell it is a huge interactive library of community and academic resources that can be accessed without internet. Yes, NO internet!!

Why is it needed?
In many rural villages in developing countries there is no internet, and even in places where there is internet it may be unreliable, or the cost limits people’s use. Teacher in a Box has a huge positive impact where there are limited teaching resources or teachers with limited training or education themselves. Our Teacher in a Box servers support self-paced learning as well as classroom teaching.

Thanks to the amazing generosity and efforts of not-for-profit educational software developers, our own computer donors and our volunteer workers, we are able to supply Teacher in a Box pre-loaded with a huge range of quality educational and training materials at minimal cost.


The Teacher in a Box server (TIB Server) for short, is a pre-built laptop or desktop that contains several hundred gigabytes worth of educational content. Then we add a USB powered wireless router to each TIB server. Wireless routers are typically something that you would find in your home and allow your client devices such as iPhones, tablets and laptops to connect and access the internet.

Teacher in a Box provides a life changing tool to schools and community libraries, empowering students to become better students, teachers to become better teachers, and people in the wider community can make a difference in their community. The difference Teacher in a Box makes to communities where there are empty shelves in school and community libraries, providing the much needed knowledge to help further education and change lives is unimaginably powerful!

In March 2023, Teacher in a Box released a new video. If you have ever wondered what Teacher in a Box really does in Communities around the World, then take a minute to watch their new video:

Click here to learn more about Teacher in a Box

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