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ROMAC – Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children – Patient Updates – Senri, Ephraim and Isileli

Senri – Solomon Islands

Thirteen-year-old Senri, from the Solomon Islands, was badly burned when an old World War 2 phosphorous grenade exploded as he was playing with it. He suffered full-thickness burns to his left hand, leaving it dysfunctional, and partial-thickness burns to his right hand.

His surgery in Sydney was successful and his is now receiving physiotherapy in Brisbane, where the Rotary Club of Toowoomba is kindly suporting him. In his space time, he is enjoying new experiences in the Australian countryside.

Ephraim – Solomon Islands

Nine-year-old Ephraim, his mother Priya and his father Ben, who are from the Solomon Islands, are staying at Ronald McDonald House at Westmead following Ephraim’s eye surgery on 5th May.

All is going well with Ephraim, who is receiving ongoing treatment at Westmead Children’s Hospital. His is also attending hospital school, which he is enjoying.

Isileli – Tonga

Nine-year-old Isileli, from Tonga, was discharged from Westmead Children’s Hospital on 5th May after successful surgery. Isileli and his mother Miriam stayed at Ronald McDonald House at Westmead for the next week so that Isileli could attend daily physiotherapy. Doctors were very pleased with Isileli’s progress but, due to the nature of his surgery, they requested he not return home until after 23rd May. this gave Miriam and Isileli time to spend with relatives, which they enjoyed.

Returning to Tonga on 27 May was an emotional time for Isileli but he was happy to be healthy and going home to his siblings.

How you can help ROMAC

Every day Rotarians and Friends are providing funds to cover travel, accommodation and treatment for children and their carers. But we could help more children if we had more donations. Donations all go directly to children and their care. ROMAC funds its administration costs through investment and other income. Volunteers run the organisation.

Give a little, care a lot.

Rotary Clubs: If every Rotarian in Australia and New Zealand donated $20 and every club matched with $20 for everyone of their members, we could cover the costs of all the children referred to us annually.

Friends of Rotary: If every Friend donated $20 we could help even more children.

Australia – Donate now

New Zealand  – Donate now

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